Hi! I’m Sarah Bartley

and I’m a teacher turned web developer at BritishPandaChick. I specialize in making WordPress websites and designing custom themes. I combine my teaching background and tech skills regularly by creating content about my own coding journey on my blog The Original BritishPandaChick. I also maintain my craft blog Needlework Kits where I review needlecraft kits. 

At the moment, I’m hoping to transition into an instructional designer role, ideally into the EdTech industry. I’m looking to connect with companies who are passionate about making awesome user experiences and conduct amazing research to achieve their UX goals.

My Skills: JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, UX Web Design and SEO


Joe Librarian Portfolio Site


I created the branding strategy for Joe including the fonts and color palette. I consulted on the best way to present content on the web. Finally, I built the entire website on WordPress and backed up site content.


Skillcrush E-mail Sign-Up Page


I translated a PSD file into an HTML & CSS website. I exported images from PSD file using GIMP. I created a functional sign-up form for the website.


Sarah Bartley Resume Site


I made the site only using HTML & CSS. I designed a favicon and added favicon to the head tags. I styled the sprite images using CSS to change colors when a user hovers over each of images.


Storybrooke Tourist Website


I made this website layout using Bootstrap. I put the “Food and Fun” section beside the “Facts about Storybrooke”. 


Duchess of Cambridge Tribute Page


I created the tribute page using Bootstrap for the website layout. I used Bootstrap to offset the dates on the time line and created a blockquote for one of the quotes at the bottom of the page.


Magic 8 Ball


I used JavaScript to make the 8 Ball accept questions and give answers. I used jQuery to make sure the ball would use the shake effect after users input a question into the prompt.



Interested in building your own website?

E-mail me at britishpandachick@gmail.com or reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.