Services and Packages

Hi! I’m Sarah Bartley and I’m a WordPress web developer who builds customized, responsive websites that will make your brand or business stand out from the rest of the pack. I can transfer your old content to a brand new site, personalize a them you love, or even build you a brand new site.

I’m also an expert in SEO and e-mail marketing, so I can help you identify the best ways to connect with your ideal customers and set up your mailing list for you so you can start connecting with your customers and getting more sales.

Below, you’ll find all the Services I offer along with prices.

Not sure which one is right for you or you have some questions? Please reach out for a free 30-minute consultation. I love helping people build and improve their websites just like yours. I’d love to talk through your project with you and help you make the website you want a reality.

Photo Editing ($20)

Need your photos picture perfect for a scrapbook, event, or just for your website. I can edit your photos so they are Instagram-ready.

Typography or Color palette ($30)

Picking out the right typeface and color palette isn’t easy. There is such a wide selection that it is just hard to choose which one will work the best for your business. I can help you chose just the right typeface and colors for your business. Once you sign off on the right look and feel, I’ll make all the changes on your site.

Moodboard, wireframe, sitemap($100)

Web design is very important for a great user experience. If you want to improve your website’s user experience, I can create either moodboard, wireframes, or sitemaps to help you figure out the best way to bring more users to your website.

Already have a sitemap or wireframe? I will work all the content you have to find just the right visual design for your website.

Newsletter/E-mail Template($250)

E-mail newsletters are a great way of bringing new customers to your site and grow your online business. If you want an e-mail newsletter for your website, I will design the right template that fits your brand’s personality.

One Page Website($500)

Need a quick website? I create a one-page website using HTML & CSS.

WordPress Theme($750)

There are tons of WordPress themes available, but you just need one or two changes to the theme so it works for your website. I can customize and edit specific WordPress themes to fit your business needs.

Already have a theme in mind but it doesn’t exist? Just let me know and I can customize your very own WordPress theme. 

WordPress Website ($1000)

This simple WordPress website gets your business or blog online so you can start getting customers. You can provide me with all your content and I build your website. I give you one round to make revisions and changes. I make the changes and get your website live on the web for you.


Thank You for Your Interest!

If you are ready to take your brand or business to the next level with your exclusive online presence, then schedule your free consultation with me right now. We can set up a face-to-face chat in person or via Google Hangout.

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